The celebration of Holy Week in the months of March and April in Marbella is one of the milestones within the cultural activities of the coastal city, becoming a popular religious expression of great importance in the population.

Holy Week is one of the most colorful and emotional celebrations. Devotion, art, color and music are mixed in the acts that are celebrated to remember the death of Jesus Christ: the processions.

In the processions go out to the street the different brotherhoods, dressed in their characteristic costumes, they cross the streets taking the thrones to the rhythm of the drums and music, producing pictures of beauty and art.

During more than 500 years of history uninterruptedly, the Holy Week of Malaga has remained present in the religious and popular feeling of the people of Malaga. On February 16, 1980 it was declared of International Tourist Interest. A spectacular event of a religious, social and cultural nature that attracts millions of visitors to the capital of the Costa del Sol.

The processions of Holy Week, therefore offer a unique attraction not only for the people who participate in them, but also to all those visitors and tourists who come from all the corners that they see in the Holy Week of Malaga and Marbella.

More than 5 million tourists visit the Holy Week in Malaga. A cosmopolitan city used to tourism and that has the most experience and infrastructure for this event in Spain.


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