Málaga is the coastal city of fresh fried fish and seafood and the home of Picasso. Cheerful and inviting, it rises at the shore of the Mediterranean sea's blue waters, bathed by a warm and intense Andalusian sun.


Currently, it is the major tourist power in Andalusia, it preserves all its ancestral roots, past and present, never losing its most prominent feature: being a warm, homely and welcoming city. Málaga is bathed by the Mediterranean sea and surrounded by its hills and forests, it is a city where winter practically does not exist.

In recent years, Málaga has grown and changed a lot, visitors are now not only attracted by its wonderful beaches and white towns, but also by the wide range of museums that the city offers, such as the Russian museum, Thyssen museum, Picasso museum, the Pompidou Centre, the Málaga museum, etc. The fact that you can find most of the city’s cultural offerings in the historic centre is an additional attractive aspect of it. This makes Málaga, with its now pedestrianised historic centre, even more beautiful.

Visitors can enjoy a wide range of gastronomic options in the city, from “pescaíto frito” – or fresh fried fish, a most typical Málaga dish, with whitebait, mackerel, red mullet, etc. to bay prawns or the exquisite langoustines. Other typical dishes from Málaga include gazpachuelo (a fish and egg soup), ajoblanco (a cold garlic and almond soup) and Malagueña salad (a cod, potato and orange salad), although there is a wide array of options. Since Málaga is a very open and cosmopolitan city you will find it easy to find places which specialise in cuisine from almost any other country in the world. In inland towns the cuisine is adapted to its surroundings, so here you will be able to enjoy choto al ajillo (garlic fried calf meat), chivo frito (fried goat meat), hare meat, etc. All of this is complemented by the delightful local wines, made from Muscatel and Pedro Ximénez grapes.

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