Torremolinos, formerly a town exclusively inhabited by humble fishermen, is today one of the major tourist destinations in Spain. The diversity of its areas, the mix of cultures, its splendid beaches and “pescaito frito” - fresh fried fish - have made a colourful place out of Torremolinos, where you will be able to bring back memories from the 50s. Would you like to find out about the wonders which this coastal town hides? Then keep reading!


Torremolinos – a fishermen town that experienced a great change in the 50s, when celebrities as famous as Grace Kelly and Orson Welles chose it as a destination to spend their holidays at because it was a town that offered privacy and tranquility.

Today, Torremolinos is one of the most important tourist centres in Costa del Sol, it holds many picturesque corners and streets, such as San Miguel street, where you can go for a walk and look at all the shop windows, Plaza de la Costa del Sol (Costa del Sol Square), La Nogalera, etc.
Torremolinos also has beautiful beaches, for example el Bajondillo. 

The weather in Torremolinos is excellent, famous thanks to the fact that it provides more than 2800 hours of sun a year, with an average annual temperature of 19’3 degrees.
It is a hugely popular tourist destination for sun lovers and here you can enjoy more than 325 sunny days a year.



Regarding its cuisine, fresh fried fish from la Carihuela and el Bandojillo-Playamar is the signature dish of this town, to the point that there is a local celebration of this name in Torremolinos – “El dia del pescaito” or “Fried Fish Day”, where the whole town can taste the exquisite local fried fish served with various local wines. If what you want to do is have a drink, the beach chiringuitos along the seafront also become pubs where you can enjoy a cocktail.

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