Granada is Spain's prized jewel, “The Arabian jewel”, it has a magnificent centre of the town, beach, it has snow, beautiful scenery and monuments, delicious cuisine, it is modern and traditional, and it holds La Alhambra, the most famous and popular Arabic structure in the world, declared a World Heritage Site.


Granada is the capital of the province of the same name. It is located in the South-east of the peninsula and it represents a crossroads between civilisations, at the same time it appears as a lively, cultural and appealing city. Granada is the birthplace of artists such as García Lorca, a world famous poet, and Manuel de Falla, an also world renowned musician. It is a city that you will fall in love with, because of its people and its monuments, La Alhambra being the city’s symbol which attracts three million visitors every year.

Winters are cold in Granada, which encourages people to practise sports in its mountains. La Sierra (Granada’s mountain range) is only 35 minutes away from the city, so you really can’t leave without visiting it! Sierra Nevada, which has been declared a National Park and a Biosphere reserve, offers some stunning scenery, it is nature at its finest. The ski station has many skiing slopes which take up several kilometres, a range of state-of-the-art facilities and splendid views.

Regarding its cuisine, it is worth mentioning the Arabic influence in its dishes, among some of the typical Granada dishes you will find migas (fried breadcrumbs with spices, meat and vegetables), cardos (cardoons), remojón (an orange and olive salad), ham and broad beans, Alfacar bread, etc. Some of Granada’s food products are very high quality, which has led to these products obtaining “Designation of Origin” status (this means that they are among the highest quality produce in the country), for example olive oil from los Montes and el Poniente, serrano ham from Trévelez, green asparagus from Huétor Tájar and custard apple from Costa Tropical (Tropical Coast).

“Tapas” are a most interesting and typical part of Granada’s cuisine, they consist of a small food sample which you will be offered free of charge when you order a drink in its bars and restaurants.

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